We Can Arrange Your Mortgage For You

Finding it difficult to overcome the nonsensical hurdles that are in your way to getting a mortgage? All other avenues blocked? Before you give up, let us work our magic.

Finding The Best Mortgage For Your Needs

We don't supply mortgages directly, but that's not something that is unusual. Outside of the big 6 banks, most direct mortgage lenders do not deal directly with customers anymore. There are a number of reasons for this, most regulatory and nothing we want to bore you with.

Working with a panel of lenders, we can help with the following mortgages:

SubPrime Mortgage

You may think authorities in the UK had banned SubPrime Mortgages and that they are no longer available, but that’s not true. Around 2011 UK regulators had prohibited SelfCert mortgages, but that was an entirely different type of mortgage.

Subprime mortgages is a name given to the group of customers that haven’t historically been the top pick of mortgage providers. In a prime customer group, lenders may expect 3 out of 100 to miss a monthly payment. In the subprime group, they may expect 5 out of 100 to miss a payment. There are many different reasons why someone maybe labelled Subprime rather than Prime, but the most important thing to assume is that Prime mortgages are cheaper, and Subprime are more expensive.

Self Employed Mortgages

If you are Self-Employed and searching for a mortgage provider will won’t treat you like a financial lepper, then we feel your pain. The Self Employed one of the most persecuted groups when it comes to obtaining credit. It is certainly tougher to get approval with self-employed status than it is compared to those in regular employment, but it is not impossible.

From the people that apply for a self-employed mortgage, approximately 35% will be approved if they have a 10% deposit.

Interest Only Mortgages

These mortgages are now sort of frowned upon by regulators, but they are tolerated. They were common before the crash of 2007, but have started to make a comeback, and they have also started to merge into family mortgages, or intergenerational mortgages.

No Upfront Fees

The Cheque Centre Guarantee, you will not be asked to make payments upfront.

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