Borrow £2500 And Pay It Back Within A Year

You don't need to rush to pay back your loan, take 12 months and stretch out those repayments. Up to £1500 for new, £2500 for existing customers.

12 Month Loans Could Be The Better Option

Want a borrow more with lower repayments that are spread over a more extended period? Then 12-month loans are ideal. Unsecured, no fees and no guarantor

Loans that are over one year are perfect for some, but not for others. There are advantages and disadvantages to these types of packages.  In real cash terms, the 12-month loan is more expensive than the payday loan. In APR terms, the 12-month loan is much less than the 1-month loan.

Confused? Don’t worry; we will try to explain it.

Before the Cheque Centre came on the scene, if you wanted a loan over a year, you would have to go to your local high street bank physically. Banks were primarily risk-averse and wouldn’t want to take a chance on those borrowers who didn’t have A* Credit status. In our view, that was over a kill on a loan of just £1000. More importantly, you would struggle to get a loan from a bank if you weren’t a customer of theirs.

12 Month Loans

Then Came 1996

That started to change in 1996, and smaller independent lenders began answering the call. Products appeared that would give the banks a run for their money. One of those products was the short term independent loan.

Short term loans are anything up to 12 months in duration. Often for loans of less than £1500, maybe up to £2000 with some lenders.

The benefits of non-bank lenders offering to lend directly was that they were quick and discreet. Loans could be arranged in less than 30 minutes and paid out either in cash or straight to a borrower’s bank account.

In the 25 years since these types of loans first appeared, not much has changed from the customer’s perspective. The application process is the same (short form), the verification process is the same (no paperwork), and the pay-outs are just about the same – although borrowers would now struggle to get paid their loans in cash.

Representative 49% APR. Representative example: £1500.00 borrowed for 12 Months. Monthly repayment is £154.12, total repayable is £1849.47. Credit broker not a lender. Total cost of credit £349.47. All loans are subject to status and only available to UK residents over the age of 18. Warning: Late repayment can cause you serious money problems. For help, go to

Loans Over 1 Year

Borrowers cvan use the whole 12 months to make the repayments.

New Customers £1500

New customers can borrow upto £1500

No Fees

There is no cost to apply and no upfront fees will ever be requested

Early Repayments Allowed

Save yourself money with the option of repaying the balance early

Existing Customers £2500

Previous customers can borrow up to £2500

No Need For A Guarantor

We disagree with the princple of needing a guarantor, none of the loans on this site requires one.