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    • 0% commission on travel money
      More money. More memories.

    Get great rates on foreign currency with 0% commission.

    We check competitors’ rates every day so that our rates are always competitive*.

    We’ll buy back leftover currency from you, even if you didn’t buy it from us.

    Today's travel money rates

    Buy back and sell rates

    27/05/2016 08:53 AM

    Currency We buy at We sell at
    Euro 1.4393 1.283
    US Dollar 1.61 1.4356
    Australian Dollar 2.2193 1.9559
    Canadian Dollar 2.0852 1.8424
    Danish Kroner 10.7047 9.2352
    Japanese Yen 176.7755 152.3483
    Swedish Kroner 13.4552 11.4915
    Swiss Franc 1.5941 1.3767
    Bulgarian Lev 2.8211 2.4466
    Norwegian Kroner 13.3317 11.544
    New Zealand Dollar 2.4002 2.0852
    United Arab Emirates 5.9272 5.1459
    South African Rand 25.0647 21.6468
    Czech Koruna 39.2696 33.6799
    Turkish Lira 4.6548 4.1591
    Polish Zloty 6.3384 5.4482
    Egyptian Pounds 14.9809 11.1641

    *Rates in store may vary. Competitor quote may be required for us to match rates. For all foreign currency transactions, we are required to register you on our system. You will need to provide one form of photo I.D. (e.g. a passport, I.D. card or drivers licence) plus one recent form of proof of address (e.g. a bank statement or utility bill). In some circumstances we may also require confirmation of the source of your funds. Terms and conditions apply, please ask in-branch for details.

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