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  • Simple loans from Square Today

    We offer two types of loans to suit different customer’s needs. A short-term loan for those unexpected emergency situations and larger loans for bigger expenses with more time to pay back.

    Short Term Loans

    Our customers told us that when they have had an unexpected cost it can take them a few months to recover their finances. That’s why our short term loans are designed to be repaid in smaller amounts over a longer period of time.


    Loan Term

    £200 - £850

    5 - 9 months

    Representative Example

    Loan amount £300 repayable over 5 months. Total amount repayable £550.16 in 5 payments of £110.03. Interest 292% p.a. fixed. Representative 1,265% APR. Illustrative and based on interest of 0.8% per day.

    Larger Loans

    Many of our customers feel they can’t go to their bank but equally know a payday or short term loan isn’t for them. Our Larger Loans are unsecured instalment loans designed for larger one off expenses.


    Loan Term

    £1000 - £5000

    1 - 3 years

    Representative Example

    Loan amount £1500 repayable over 15 months. Total amount repayable £2,291.50 in 15 payments of £152.77. Interest 70% p.a. fixed. Representative 97.5% APR

    Warning: Late repayments can cause you serious money problems.  For help go to moneyadviceservice.org.uk

    5 easy steps to apply in store:

    Find your local store

    Use our store locator to find a store near you.

    Choose a loan term and amount

    Speak to a member of our team if you would like more details on the types of loan available.

    Complete our simple in store application

    Our 3-step application should take you less than 10 minutes

    Get an instant decision

    In most cases we’ll let you know our decision right away.

    The money will be sent directly to your bank in minutes

    Once you’ve agreed to the terms, the loan will be sent to your bank by faster payment

    DON’T FORGET - We will ask you about your employment details, bank details and monthly expenses

    TERMS AND CONDITIONS APPLY. You must be 18 years or over. Access to this product is subject to credit checks and affordability testing. Interest rates apply.
    For full terms and conditions ask in store or visit www.squaretoday.co.uk.

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