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Foreign Currency

Looking for fantastic rates on Foreign Currency? Get more for your pounds when you visit Cheque Centre.

We charge 0% commission when buying or selling Foreign Currency, and we check our competitors’ rates daily to ensure our rates are always competitive*.

What’s more, we will buy back leftover currency from you even if you didn’t buy it from us originally!

Please see the table below for our most recent Foreign Currency rates:

Buy back and sell rates

01/05/2015 08:51 AM
Currency We buy at We sell at
Euro 1.499 1.324
US Dollar 1.685 1.488
Australian Dollar 2.122 1.870
Canadian Dollar 2.026 1.790
Danish Kroner 11.191 9.655
Japanese Yen 201.657 173.792
Swedish Kroner 14.143 12.079
Swiss Franc 1.568 1.354
Bulgarian Lev 2.936 2.547
Norwegian Kroner 12.678 10.978
New Zealand Dollar 2.230 1.937
United Arab Emirates 6.203 5.385
South African Rand 20.051 17.317
Czech Koruna 41.450 35.550
Turkish Lira 4.325 3.864
Polish Zloty 6.045 5.196
Egyptian Pounds 13.003 10.719

*Rates vary from store to store.

Compare the market

01/05/2015 09:04 AM
Retailer Euro Us Dollar
Cheque Centre 1.324 1.488
Royal Bank of Scotland 1.317 1.468
Marks and Spencer 1.314 1.487

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*We regularly review our rates against local competitors. We do not check rates offered online. ID containing a unique reference number and proof of address is required for transactions over £4,000 and credit/debit card transactions.


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